How Does Online Seminars Work?

What is an online seminar?

It is a digitally streamed local seminar that allows participants and instructors to interact online. It enables people afar to tap into a seminar of their interest and join in virtually.

How can I enroll in an online seminar?

Simply click on the “Enroll” button over the seminar you are interested in and follow its enrollment steps. You can also enroll by becoming a member when membership options are on offer.

What equipment do I need?

You can use your computer or smart phone to join in the seminar. Depends on the streaming service of your seminar, you may need to download a free application to your device.

How can I become a subscriber?

By registering to the Online Seminars website, you can become a subscriber. To register, please click on the “Register” link at the very top right corner of the website or enroll in a seminar.

How can I become a member?

By following the “Global South Membership” link on a seminar or visiting the “Global South Membership” page from the main menu, you can become a member.

Can I watch seminar recordings?

Yes, once you enroll in a seminar, you can access that seminar’s recordings as well. You can also access recordings by becoming a member.

How can I interact with the speakers online?

The level of interaction varies according to the seminar and the leading instructor. In its most basic form, online participants can write questions on the live streaming chat boards and online seminar moderators pass it to the speakers. It is at the discretion of the moderator and instructor to address a question or comment during the seminar.